Marketing & Communication Services

When you boil down all the talk and all the hype, Marketing & Communication is all about identifying two things – a key message and the audience to which that message needs to be delivered.

A single product or service may have multiple audiences that need to be communicated to – the public, the media, the government or a combination of all of these and more.

At StrategyCo we understand fundamentally the need to define those audiences at the outset – and then develop the key messages that exactly articulate what it is you want to say to each one.

We thrive on the marketing and communication process – and we believe passionately that it is possible to measure
your success and return on investment in the Marketing & Communication sphere.

  • Marketing Manager Outsource Service – an efficient way to deliver high level marketing services without the expense of full time employees

  • Branding – logo development, design, updating,

  • Campaign Management – campaign development to meet sales targets

  • Direct mail – a scientific approach to targeting and a creative approach to messaging

  • Drafting – newsletters, speeches, articles, brochures,

  • Email marketing – campaign development and management, superior reporting functions to measure success

  • Newsletters / Magazines – full design, drafting, printing, online, paper based

  • Strategy development – We can assist you to develop and implement a simple marketing strategy to meet your needs.

  • Tenders – full drafting and design service